WE ARE a comfy little AGENCY of seasoned professionals drawn together to deliver the ROGER THAT Brand Sprint™ to clients who value quality, service and velocity.

We designed the Brand Sprint™ because we’ve been on the client side of the table. We’ve also done plenty of time behind the agency curtain. And we believe you deserve waaaaay better than spotty creative, so-so service and timelines that turn into tug-of-wars you somehow seem to lose.

The Brand Sprint™ focuses our efforts — yours and ours — on a super-efficient, highly engaged process. We get you from A to Z in a way that’s simpler, easier and more fun than working with Freddy Freelancer or The Fancypants Agency. Mainly, we write, design and produce smart, beautiful, branded websites that deliver instant credibility and long-term ROI — and we get it done in three to six weeks. Really. Depending on your needs, we can also develop additional brand assets, from naming and logos to messaging, collateral and more.

We love working with people who are in the business of doing good — whether it’s good food or good causes or good solutions to important problems. Yep, we’re selective, so you can expect full-on focus and spirited support from our team when we partner with you.

Okay, enough talk. If you have a sec, check out some recent work. Or get in touch and let’s see if the Brand Sprint is right for you.




With a career that spans two decades, four continents and multiple industries, Jennifer’s depth and breadth of experience combined with her innate grasp of business and brand serve Roger That’s clients well.

Jennifer founded Roger That to solve a problem she experienced sitting on the client side of the creative table many times over the years: quality was all over the place and it took way too long to get a creative project to completion. Roger That’s Brand Sprint™ delights our clients by solving both.



Dana loves anything that requires thinking, ideating, and designing. She has over 15 years digital and web design, advertising, and print experience with such clients as OPB, Wilson, Leatherman, Domain Chandon, and Oregon Lottery.


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