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Boost Your Sales With A Beautiful Brand

Did you know a beautiful brand can boost your sales? It’s true.

Investing in a carefully-curated brand helps to improve your reputation, increase your relevance, and become more visible to your potential customers.

But don’t take our word for it.

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Here’s what a few of our clients have to say:

“I love my new brand! It authentically represents who I am as a person and as a high-performance business strategist. How do I know my brand is working for me? My last three clients told me they partly hired me because of it. Thank you Roger That for making the rebranding process so smooth.”

- Dana Corey, Business Strategist, Trusted Advisor & International Speaker

“Our new brand highlights our credibility, professionalism, and commitment to the Arts, helping us attract and retain donors. And in just over a year, we secured 97% of the $48M Capital Campaign for the Patricia Reser Center for the Arts.”

- Lani Faith, Executive Director, Patricia Reser Center for the Arts.

“Our rebrand has undoubtedly given everyone more confidence when representing the company. The sales team has definitely noticed an increase in getting the attention of new leads at Trade Shows. The rebrand has really distinguished ourselves from the competition.”

- Andrew Vipond, Sales & Marketing, DH Sutherland

How do you know if it’s time to refresh your brand?

If you don’t have a brand identity yet, that’s a no-brainer. But what if you have an existing brand and are trying to decide if it’s time for a refresh?

Answering these simple questions can help:

  • Have your products evolved since your brand was created?
  • Has your target customer changed since your brand was created?

If either of these are a “yes”, it’s probably time to refresh your brand.

  • Does your marketing feature a clear, compelling value proposition that attracts your target customer? Do you clearly state the unique benefits of working with you, such as lower costs, higher margins, or increased speed to market?
  • Can every person on your team clearly articulate what the company does, for whom, and why your target customer should care?
  • Does your brand fill you with delight? Do you proudly show off your brand or website? Do you often get compliments on your beautiful brand?

If any of these are a “no”, then it’s probably time to give your brand a boost.

And that’s where Roger That comes in.

Roger That creates the stuff today’s small businesses and non-profits need, from distinctive logos and brand identities to marketing materials and beautiful, high-performance websites. (And we make the process easier, faster, and downright enjoyable.)

To help customers just like you, we developed the Brand Sprint™—a lean, radically streamlined approach to developing your critical brand assets. The Brand Sprint™ focuses our efforts — yours and ours — on a super-efficient, highly engaged process where progress happens in hours and days, not weeks and months.

Together, we get from A to Z in a way that’s simpler, easier and more fun than you thought possible.

Want a little help? (Or a lot?) We’re here for you.

We’re here to help guide you every step of the way. Say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion, and the status quo, and say hello to a beautiful brand that helps you stand out from the crowd, attract customers, and grow sales.

Schedule a free 20-minute consult call so we can talk about it!