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Visual effects production studio.

Captivating Visuals. Unforgettable Stories.

Collage of shapes in 9iFX brand colors, with images of a gray studio facade with a yellow door, and computers line up on desks in an office.

9iFX melds expert motion graphics and visual effects for unforgettable film, TV and creative productions.

The Call

Let’s set the scene. 9iFX was approaching their 10th year in show business, and had just moved into a state-of-the-art studio. They were at the top of their game, creating dazzling motion graphics and visual effects for world-famous brands and productions. But their website? Not so much. In fact, they were embarrassed to show it to prospective clients, because it was so basic.

They needed a portfolio website that does justice to the high caliber of work it’s showing off, so they can win projects worthy of their talents. That’s where Roger That entered the frame.


Our Response

Roger That helped the 9iFX team zero in on why their clients can’t get enough of them, and developed a brand for the studio that feels as high-end and dynamic as they are.

Their impressive body of work takes center stage, supported by glimpses behind the scenes and practical explanations of their capabilities. Their new visual brand builds on their original black-and-yellow color scheme with playful abstract shapes that evoke curiosity and movement.

Roger That!

"The team at Roger That took a look at our existing portfolio, and our hopes and dreams for what it could be, and then delivered a finished product that is easily 110% of what we asked for. They knew what we needed more than we did. We're so incredibly happy with the end result. They're a fantastic team, and it's clear that they really enjoy what they do. Can't recommend them enough!"

Tracey Miller, Managing Partner, 9iFX

Four icons: collaged shapes in gray, black and yellow, reading from left to right, "Visual Success," "Set the Stage," "Make Some Magic," and "Polish to Perfection."
Collage of yellow, black and gray shapes, and image in a pill shape of two computer monitors on a desktop showing video effects software.

What We Did / Services



  • Peer analysis


  • Brand personality and mood
  • Value proposition and positioning
  • Key Messages
  • Color palette
  • Brand fonts


  • Content strategy and sitemap
  • SEO optimized web copy
  • UX/Web design
  • Custom website development
  • Tutorial videos