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Contrarian Thinking

Financial education and media startup

Free your mind.
Build your bank account.

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Contrarian Thinking helps people achieve financial freedom by teaching them new ways to think about and grow their money.

The Call

The founder of Contrarian Thinking, Codie Sanchez, rapidly built a community around her unconventional approaches to investing and business-buying. As the company grew from social media to email to online courses, it needed a premium brand that would allow it to outgrow the name of its founder. It was also in the midst of merging with another of Codie’s businesses, Unconventional Acquisitions, and needed the new brand to incorporate the essences of both companies.

The Contrarian crew called on Roger That to create a content strategy, brand and website for Contrarian Thinking to serve as a backbone for the growing media company.

Our Response

As a creator-driven media company, Contrarian Thinking generates a wealth of content. Roger That’s strategy gave them a framework to bring order to their ideas and build credibility by clearly communicating the value of joining the Contrarian Thinking community.

We crafted a brand for Contrarian Thinking around Codie’s unique voice and ethos, while elevating their visual brand to reflect the aspirations of her followers.

The new website is built with plenty of room to grow, designed to convert the casual interest generated by the company’s powerful marketing efforts into paying customers. It includes an custom-branded online learning portal attuned to the needs of Contrarian Thinking’s courses and the members who pay to access them.

Contrarian Quote

"We are freeing humans at Contrarian Thinking. We teach people how to think critically, we teach people how to earn, we teach people how to become owners in a world of owned."

Codie Sanchez, founder and CEO

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What We Did / Services



  • Peer analysis
  • Website audit


  • Brand personality and mood
  • Value proposition and positioning
  • Key Messages
  • Logo design and guidelines
  • Color palette
  • Brand fonts


  • Content strategy and sitemap
  • Web copy
  • UX/Web design
  • Custom website development
  • Custom portal design and development
  • Tutorial videos
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Ongoing content management

Sales And Marketing

  • Email templates
  • Brand expression assets