Roger That Logo
The DH Sutherland website, with a white background, blurred widescreen image of a warehouse and a color scheme of light gray and orange, shown on a computer monitor. A phone shows another page with circular images of a plane and bicyclist on a road, and a dark gray box with text about "Sports and Recreation." Explore Website View Website

The Situation

DH Sutherland is a family-run logistics firm for the aerospace and high-performance industries.

  • Value proposition, positioning, values, personality, and mood
  • Colors, fonts and brand images
  • Logo and guidelines
  • Web copy that emphasizes their capacity to work with larger clients just like their corporate competition
  • Web design that positions them immediately in aerospace and high-performance industries
  • Business cards, tradeshow booth

The Ask

After years of boot-strapping their brand, Sutherland was ready for it to be on point with their business model and aligned with their vision and values.

The Solution

Personal, attentive service. Design a brand to build credibility, trust, and loyalty with their customers.


White DH Sutherland business cards with the gray and orange logo.
A large tradeshow booth banner highlighting the DH Sutherland white, gray, and orange colors and an image of a warehouse.
Stationary with the gray and orange DH Sutherland logo on white.
The DH Sutherland style guide, showing the orange, gray and black color scheme, logo, and mark.
Andrew Crouse, President of DH Sutherland, smiling in a blue suit.

“We hired Roger That to enhance our image and communicate the new direction of our company. From the onset, Roger That impressed us with their process, ability, and commitment to success. It’s clear that they take pride in their work; successfully channeling our heritage and values into an exciting and productive new brand and website.”

Andrew Crouse

President, DH Sutherland