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Everycat Health Foundation

The future of feline medicine starts here.

The future of feline medicine starts here.


Since 1968, EveryCat Health Foundation has awarded grants for groundbreaking research that benefits every cat, every day.

The Call

Winn Feline Foundation was at an exciting time in its evolution. They had a small staff supported by an engaged and active board of directors. They had built a stellar reputation and garnered strong support from The Cat Fanciers’ Association and its 1,000+ members.

Outside of their existing stakeholders, there was an opportunity to grow support with a wider audience, especially millennials. As part of a 3-year strategic plan, they decided to rebrand themselves, including a name change, to draw new cat lovers into their story and turn them into brand champions and financial contributors.

Our Response

Rename the organization to EveryCat Health Foundation and reenvision the company’s brand while honoring the legacy of its founder and past contributions to research. Design a new, contemporary website with easy navigation so visitors can quickly find the information he/she needs. Create a marketing strategy that successfully generates awareness around their name and brand while reaching cat owners, breeders, veterinarians, and funders to provide the latest cat health resources.

Roger That!

“Within three months of launch, our donations increased by two-thirds, and we just finished our best year ever—by a long shot! More importantly, we’ve funded more cutting-edge research than ever before, and made a much bigger impact in the health and wellbeing of cats all over the world, which is exactly why we did this.”

Drew Weigner, DVM
Past President at EveryCat Health Foundation


What We Did / Services



  • Donor survey
  • Peer analysis


  • Rename
  • Brand identity
  • Logo redesign
  • Color palette
  • Brand fonts


  • Strategy
  • Web Copy
  • UX/Web Design
  • Custom WordPress Development

Sales And Marketing

  • Marketing plan
  • Content calendar with content and social media templates
  • Marketing training and coaching
  • Business Cards
  • Brochure