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Five Oaks Museum

History, arts and culture museum

A gathering place of vibrant art, culture, history and storytelling.

Photo collage shows a woman looking at art on a gallery wall, another woman in traditional Indigenous ceremonial attire, and a child typing on a laptop.

Since its founding in 1956 as the Washington County Historical Society, Five Oaks Museum has worked to preserve the artifacts and narratives that define the Tualatin Valley’s unique place in the world.

The Call

When we met the leaders of Five Oaks Museum, they were in the midst of reinventing the organization at a fundamental level. As they explored the depths of their purpose and mission, they knew they’d need to re-envision their brand identity and website to convey it all. They also felt a duty to use their resources to advance the work of equity, diversity and inclusion in their community—vital work in which the brand and website would play a major part.

Our Response

Through a deeply collaborative process, Roger That created an engaging and relevant brand to position Five Oaks Museum as a leader among historical societies. Their new brand messaging communicates the museum’s cultural value and embraces a non-singular narrative about the region’s history and art. Since it was launching during the pandemic, the website also needed functionality to support virtual exhibits and the online purchase of memberships.

Roger That!

"Immediately we started seeing things like email signups and even memberships being purchased directly through the website without any other point of contact. For the first time in the history of our organization, folks were getting such a positive response to visiting the website that they were compelled all the way to become members of our organization just from that. That’s a level of welcome we’ve never previously achieved through the website alone."

Molly Alloy (pronouns: they/them)
Co-Director at Five Oaks Museum

Image shows a laptop displaying the Five Oaks museum website with two other screens of the site floating on either side of the laptop over a pale purple background.
Graphic shows a photo collage from the Five Oaks Museum website, along with text about social media takeovers, and a mobile phone displaying a testimonial. Both images are surrounded by squares in the Five Oaks Museum brand color palette.
Image shows the Five Oaks Museum website on a mobile device with two other screens floating to the sides.

What We Did



  • Brand personality and mood
  • Key messages
  • Color palette
  • Brand fonts
  • Brand strategy


  • Content strategy and sitemap
  • SEO optimized web copy
  • UX/Web design
  • Custom website development
  • Tutorial videos
  • Ongoing maintenance and support
  • Ongoing content management