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The Situation

HawkPartners is a Marketing Research and Strategy firm working with top global brands in industries such as Pharma, Consumer Health, Media, and Insurance.

  • Value proposition, positioning, values, personality, and mood
  • Updated colors, fonts, and visual language
  • Web copy to better reflect who they are, how they do business, and what makes them different
  • UX and web design that showcases their thought leadership
  • Consistency of brand: email templates, social media assets, powerpoint deck, tradeshow booth, sales landing page, one-pager, and posters
Hawk Partners 2021 Brand Authenticity Index page on an iPad.

The Ask

HawkPartners had grown substantially since they’d launched their previous website. With growth based almost exclusively on traditional strategies—building relationships and earning a stellar reputation from doing great work—they were ready to take their marketing efforts online.

The Solution

Create a brand and digital presence that establishes HawkPartners as a thought leader in branding, customer experience, go-to-market strategies, and marketing communications for global brands.

Woman with long brown hair smiling outside.

“The entire Roger That team acts as an extension of our team. I really trust their perspective. They always make sure to bring that human element, they take the time to get to know you as a person and that helps the process tremendously. They have helped us to continue the evolution of who we are – they understand where we come from and where we are going and need to be. They help to get us there and they are my first stop no matter what I need.”

Stephanie Schlesinger

Marketing Director at HawkPartners