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The Situation

Magnataur is a startup that builds cloud-driven digital solutions to simplify complex business problems.

  • Brand value proposition, personality, mood, key themes, and style guide
  • Updated logo and refreshed color palette
  • UX, content strategy, and sitemap
  • Web copy
  • Web design and development —
    responsive, mobile-friendly, and optimized for SEO

The Ask

Magnataur wanted to stand out as offering simpler, faster, and more focused cloud solutions than their competitors, with a brand that clearly articulates what they do and how they work. Knowing that first impressions matter, they also needed their website to look polished and professional, so first-time visitors took them seriously.

The Solution

Create a brand that feels clean, uncluttered, and just tech-y enough, but without the design tropes common to other tech brands. Use copy and design to reinforce Magnataur’s no-nonsense approach, with short, clipped sentences and simple lines and borders to frame images and content.