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The clean and spacious Onymos website, with colorful illustrations in light vibrant colors, shown on a computer monitor and a phone. Explore Website View Website

The Situation

Onymos promises to make mobile app development faster and easier with its powerful off-the-shelf components.

  • Brand value proposition, personality, mood, key themes, and style guide
  • Refreshed color palette
  • UX, content strategy, and sitemap
  • Web copy
  • Web design and development — responsive, mobile-friendly, and optimized for SEO
Three illustrations from the Onymos website in green, orange , yellow and blue pastel colors, showing a person clicking an icon on a 8-foot phone; a woman holding up a leaning phone, and a man typing on a laptop with a stopwatch beside him.

The Ask

With Onymos, mobile app developers are halfway to a fully functional app as soon as they hit the download button. But that story isn’t nearly as easy to tell as it sounds. Components make an app run, but they don’t charm users with their cool features and simple designs. Onymos came to us for a brand refresh and website redesign, starting with telling a more consistent story about what its components do and why developers should care.

The Solution

Create a clean, accessible brand that’s easy on the eyes, giving the copy room to breathe as it describes Onymos’s special sauce. The website adds visual interest with simple illustrations and small splashes of color. The brand voice and personality is crisp and to the point, using active verbs that hit upon the benefits without requiring long-winded explanations.


Steve Shaw, Vice President of Marketing at Onymos, smiling.

“After launching our new brand and website, we went from one or two conversions per week to 15 in the first month. Having a partner in getting that done was the best part of working with Roger That.”

Steve Shaw

Vice President of Marketing at Onymos