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Planned Parenthood
Advocates of Oregon

A leading advocate in Oregon for sexual and reproductive freedom.

Join the fight for your rights

A woman with long blonde hair reads from a piece of paper through a megaphone.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon is a leading advocate in the movement for sexual and reproductive freedom for all Oregonians.

The Call

While Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon (PPAO) has active grassroots support, the organization needed a better way to inspire casual supporters and fence-sitters to get involved. The existing site was full of information, but the design felt outdated and the calls to action muted. PPAO came to us for a brand refresh that included a new website and voice guidelines. The website needed to reflect the urgency, purpose, and resilience of PPAO’s and make visitors feel like part of the movement the moment the page loads.

Our Response

Leveraging the look and feel of the national Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood Action Fund brands, we created a bold, spirited website that uses bright colors and modern typography to command attention and communicate urgency. The headlines and copy are blunt and action oriented, reflecting the brand’s candid, purpose-driven personality. The site includes bold calls to action on every page and an easy-to-navigate “Get involved” section, making it a breeze for supporters to join the movement however they want.

Roger That!

“The Brand Sprint was a great process. The team was so responsive. We find ourselves going back to the Brand Voice you created often to ensure we are consistent in what we say and how we say it. We love our new website.”

Jimmy Radosta, Communications and Marketing Director
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon

A portion of the PPAO website showing a grid of three navy blue info boxes, each with different calls to action.
The words "Planned Parenthood of Oregon" before a light gray outline of the state of Oregon, with a group of statistics to the right.
A screenshot from the PPAO website showing a woman in knit cap clapping her hands and smiling next to the words, "What We're Fighting For."
Two views of the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon website on a Mac and tablet: the former shows a group of Planned Parenthood of Oregon advocates with a pink overlay and the words, "Join the fight for your rights"; the latter shows a woman clapping her against a white background, a grid of three blue info boxes, and an image of two women with facemasks that say "Vote" on them.

What We Did / Services



  • Intake
  • Strategy and Objectives
  • Keyword Research


  • Brand value proposition
  • Personality
  • Mood
  • Key themes
  • Style guide


  • Web Copy
  • UX/Web Design
  • Custom, Responsive WordPress Development