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Software company specializing in large-scale archival storage

Rise to the

Two people look at a transparent screen near a group of data storage machines.

Versity provides archival storage solutions for companies that process massive amounts of data, in sectors like national security, financial services, scientific research and geospatial technology.

The Call

When we met Versity, they had just landed a distribution partnership with Dell Technologies, which meant a whole lot of potential new customers would soon be checking them out.

But their existing website looked generic and, because their work is so technically advanced, they struggled to articulate their value clearly and concisely.

Versity needed a polished, cohesive website and brand to represent the mature enterprise software company they are today.

Our Response

Roger That crystalized Versity’s unique value proposition into a brand identity that is easy to communicate and primed for growth.

We built an informative and functional new website that clearly conveys how Versity’s storage solutions are game-changers in fields where data storage demands are rapidly outpacing the technology to handle them.

We created a custom landing page for leads that come from the Dell partnership, homed in on that audience’s specific needs.

Roger That!

“Thrilled! I'm really glad that we met at just the right moment and your agency size and services were a very good match for us. I am a very happy customer!”

Bruce Gilpin
Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO at Versity

The Versity logo.
A screenshot of the Versity website with the headline, "Simple to Use, Built to Last"; three blocks showing reasons to use Versity along with icons, and a large illustration of people working around a giant laptop before a series of data storage devices.

What We Did / Services



  • Peer analysis
  • Customer avatars


  • Brand voice and key themes
  • Color palette
  • Brand fonts


  • Strategy
  • Web copy
  • UX/Web design
  • Custom illustrations
  • Custom WordPress development