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Inside the Rebrand of a Brand Agency

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Anniversaries are a great time to reflect on who you are as a company, who you are to your clients, and how well your brand reflects that (or doesn’t). We’ve been going through just that kind of soul-searching around here, and as a result, we’re excited to celebrate Roger That’s seventh anniversary by introducing our new brand!

Like a lot of our clients, we loved our existing brand, but we were faced with the stumbling block of a website that couldn’t grow and evolve with us.

So, we decided to go all-in with a full rebrand and a new website to match. And because we truly believe our team and our process are the best out there, we decided to handle it in-house.

The most rewarding part of going through the Brand Sprint for Roger That was being the client of my team’s exceptional creative work. The Brand Sprint is all about putting great material in front of our clients so they can easily make decisions and keep their focus on the important stuff, like strategy, sales and service . It was gratifying to experience first-hand how easy it is to make decisions when you are given a solid process to follow and good creative to review.

Eight different Roger That Agency logo designs.
Black and white versions of the Roger That Agency logo.
Full color and monochrome versions of the Roger That Agency logo.
Book displaying Roger That typography, colors, and iconography.


We started by following our own advice and asked our clients how they see us. Three questions helped us get to the heart of this:

  • What problem did we help you solve?
  • What changed for you as a result of the work we did on your behalf?
  • What do we do better than anybody else?

This client feedback was incredibly valuable because it validated that Roger That clients truly consider us an extension of their team. From the beginning of Roger That, I’ve been committed to building rich mutual exchanges between us and our clients. It has always been an important part of our identity, so I was thrilled to learn it still holds true.

After we compiled the interviews, we compared our clients’ answers with our brand – everything from our logo to our website and our sales collateral to our social. As we always tell our clients, if there’s a gap between how you’re presenting yourself to the world and what your clients are telling you their experience of you is, then you know there’s an opportunity for a brand refresh—or in our case, a rebrand.


For Roger That, the gap between how our clients see us and how we were expressing our brand came down to personality. When the Brand Sprint realigned the visual and verbal expression of Roger That, we found that our brand personality is effervescent, no-nonsense, fearless, fun and feisty, empathetic, and considerate. That simply didn’t show up in the old brand and website. Our Content Manager Matt Brown captured it well:

“The former site was pretty, but also fairly dark, so lightening up the color really gives the content more air. The pops of electric color add a lot of our personality and energy.”


The Brand Sprint showed us that a lot of our website copy still rings true. So we borrowed heavily from the original and looked for opportunities to infuse our personality more and clarify areas that felt vague.

Senior copywriter Rivers Janssen shared his approach with me:

“My priority was to capture the spirit of our brand and clearly articulate the Roger That value proposition throughout the site. Be clear about what we do and why it’s different. Be bold and a little feisty. Though I could feel those things in the undercurrent of the previous brand voice, I wanted to be more explicit.”

Roger That’s values are the same as they’ve always been, but the new website does a better job of articulating what those values mean for our clients. Our service promise, “We’re fast and we’re good,” comes out in the way we describe our work. One of our core values is to move fast with purpose, which is what the Brand Sprint is all about, so the new site articulates what that process entails.

Other pieces of our brand voice got less specific and more inclusive. We trimmed our value proposition from “Stand out. Attract customers. Grow sales” to the even more succinct “Stand out. Attract. Grow.” Many of our clients are nonprofit organizations or come to us to grow, say, talent instead of revenue. Dropping the words “customers” and “sales” from the value proposition reflects the value we bring to those types of clients.

And let’s not forget the cornerstone of our visual expression, our logo, which the whole team is in love with.

Full color version of the new Roger That Agency logo.

Matt shared what he loves about it:

“The thick, solid font is bold and weighty, while the colored stripes offer a dash of vibrancy and electricity. It feels both reliable and fun at the same time, which is who Roger That is.”


After taking Roger That through the Roger That Brand Sprint, I believe in our method more than ever. There is power in clarity, and ease in quality – and I can personally attest to both.

Every experience is ripe with opportunity to learn, and the whole Roger That team looks forward to bringing the lessons from our own rebrand to enrich our future client work.

If you’re at the brink of a rebrand, we get how that feels. We’ve been there – recently. Let’s talk about how to get started…and how great it feels to come out on the other side!