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Your brand and website are big deals. But getting both right can turn into an endurance challenge that’s way too easy to fail.

We know this because we’ve been there. And while we’ve done plenty of time behind the agency curtain, we’ve also sat on the client side of the table.

Like you, we experienced the anxiety and frustration that comes from missed deadlines, endless revisions, stalled projects and a brand partner who doesn’t get it. Along the way, we realized we could design a focused, painless process that gets you a high-performing brand and website in weeks.

So, we did.

The Roger That Brand Sprint

Graphic of Roger That Brand Sprint Process: Discovery > Brand Voice and Moodboards > Site Map and Web Copy > UX/Website Design > Website Development > Launch.

The Warm-Up


One of the first tasks we complete is building your Master Schedule. Far more than a simple laundry list, the schedule is a detailed project roadmap that sets expectations for every stage. We use it to hold everyone accountable — even you.


During your onboarding call, we’ll show you the tools we’ll use during our project together, review your schedule, and put all meetings and reviews on your calendar, so you know exactly what’s happening and when.


Next, you’ll complete our tried-and-tested brand intake form, customized for your business and your industry. Your answers help us effectively and efficiently step into your brand — without weeks (or months) of busy-work. And when a little more is needed, we can conduct interviews, a marketing audit, and/or a competitive analysis.


Throughout the process, you’ll weigh in on our progress through quick check-ins and feedback. With guardrails to keep everyone on task and on time, you’ll sidestep the sprawling deadlines and budget creep every decision-maker fears.

Man with dark hair smiling outside.

"Completing the intake form was one of the most valuable exercises we've done. It helped us gain clarity about who we are, what we do, and the value we bring to our clients."


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Using the information we collect during the warm-up, our creative team will get to work. We'll start by crafting a compelling brand voice and mood boards, fully aligned with your brand’s unique vision, story, and style.

Brand Voice

Your Brand Voice lays the foundation for what your brand says and how it says it. It's made up of traits that describe who you are as a company, emotions that describe how you want customers to feel when they interact with your brand, your value proposition, and key messages.


Moodboards set the visual direction of your brand with colors, fonts, photography styles, iconography, illustrations and other visual elements.

Logo Design

While many of our clients come to us with a logo they're going to keep, others need a logo refresh or a full redesign. Together, we'll decide which option is best for you.

Think you might need a full rebrand, including your name? Yep, we do that, too.


Once the foundational brand work is complete, we’ll dive into your website — your most important brand asset.

Site Architecture and Web Copy

First, we’ll create your site architecture and sitemap. Next, we’ll write your web copy with a laser-like focus on your value proposition, pain points and benefits your customer cares about, and clear calls to action.

UX and Web Design

We’ll bring your brand to life through user-centered design that creates a great experience for your customers.

Web Development

After weeks of intimately getting to know you and your brand, we'll go quiet while we develop your new website. Most of our websites are built in WordPress, all are ADA compliant, and all come with an elegant back-end, making it easy for you to manage your content in-house.


Once your website meets our high quality standards, we'll send you a link to your staging site. You'll review your website and note any final changes, which we'll implement and then make your beautiful, new, branded website live. It's really that simple.

Choose the process built for performance.

The world is more chaotic and business is moving faster than ever. You’re too busy keeping up — or starting up — to spend months chipping away at your brand and website, both of which are critical for your success.

Don't wait another minute. Let's get you a brand and website that helps you stand out from your competition, attract your best customers and reach your growth goals.

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