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Dana Corey

brand, logo, website, marketing

Dana Corey is a high-performance business strategist that helps her clients double and triple their income and profit.

The Challenge

Dana Corey’s business had evolved significantly, but her brand hadn’t. She knew potential clients weren’t reaching out to her because of it.

The Approach

Create a brand that reflects the magnitude of Dana’s work yet also expresses her personality: fun yet serious, pragmatic yet disruptive, supportive yet challenging—all splashed with liberal doses of woo and irreverence.

The Solution

  • value proposition, positioning, values, personality, and mood
  • colors, fonts and brand images
  • logo and guidelines
  • web copy that feels like having a conversation with Dana
  • web design that showcases Dana’s personality
  • responsive WordPress website optimized for SEO
  • business cards, event display, sales funnel, and more