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Vision Action Network

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Vision Action Network (VAN) brings community stakeholders together to address critical issues faced by Washington County residents, including poverty, aging, and homelessness.

The Challenge

VAN faced two challenges: being misperceived as an advocacy organization and having an outdated website they couldn’t manage.

The Approach

Position VAN as an independent, objective convener that helps build relationships, encourage dialogue, and inspire action.

The Solution

  • brand personality, mood, and key themes
  • colors, fonts and iconography
  • refined logo and business card
  • web copy
  • web design that is vibrant, approachable and accessible
  • responsive WordPress website optimized for SEO

The Results

VANs’ new brand feels engaging, inclusive, clear and understandable and their website allows them to easily promote their events and keep their community updated on the progress stakeholders are making toward shared goals.